Henrick Mathieu

Henrick Mathieu

Real Estate Sales Proffessional

I am a Bilingual Real Estate Sales Professional and dedicated Content Creator working with The Adam Mills Team. I come from 4 years of experience in Law Enforcement, 7 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Weapon Technician, and as a member of the Special Forces Unit. I now work directly with the DND Group, BGRS, and Canadian Armed Forces Integrated Relocation Directive to assist military families navigate the relocation process.


The ability to work under pressure, keep an open and efficient line of communication, deliver timely results, and have an extraordinary ability for teamwork make me an obvious choice when it comes time to pick your Realtor. I believe that real estate is a contact sport where human connection and relationships should be at the core of this industry. I understand the value of having a presence, both online and offline, so I created my own YouTube channel, where I provide knowledge about real estate, new and upcoming developments, and all-around life in Ottawa. Please see the below link to a video on CAF Relocation and what to expect! 


My mission, aside from helping my clients reach their real estate goals, is to educate them so they can become pros themselves. There is no excuse for leaving your clients in the dark during the biggest transaction of their lives.