10 Tips to Help Sell Your Home During the Summer

During the year, summer is one of the most popular times to sell your home. With the warm weather, everyone is out and about and off of school, making it an ideal time for real estate moves by buyers and sellers alike.

But selling your house during the summer can be challenging.

Summer is also when: 

    • People go on vacation.
    • Kids get out of school and require attention.
    • Summer activities, such as weddings, distract homeowners.

Often, there’s just too much going on during the summer to focus on selling (or buying) your home.
But don’t fret – these tips and tricks can help you sell your property during the summer.

    1. Maintain your property
      Take advantage of the fact that the outside of your home can look its best during the summer. Mow and water your lawn regularly, tend to your garden, ensure that the yard space is well maintained.
    2. Make sure that your entrance is inviting
      Paint your door, ensure that the entrance is clean and tidy, and keep fresh flowers on your porch. The entry of your home is the first thing prospective buyers will look at – and you want to make that first impression perfect.
    3. Use colour to your advantage
      Colour can create a certain mood for prospective home buyers – leverage this. Add vivid blue or green decor items for a calming effect. Replace dark-coloured accent pillows and throw rugs with brighter, summer hues to create a fun, inviting feeling.
    4. Make your home light and bright
      If you have heavy drapes, remove them. Pull window blinds to the top and tape the strings underneath. Consider using tie-backs to hold open lighter-weight curtains. All these things will bring light into your home, making it seem brighter and more inviting.
    5. Be prepared to have flexible showing hours
      With longer daylight hours, people have differing schedules. Keep in mind that more daylight hours means that you have more hours to show your home. That being said, be flexible in your hours to accommodate as many schedules as possible. 
    6. Move furniture outside
      Not only does moving out furniture free up more room inside the home – making your indoor space appear more significant – but it creates an outdoor living space with items you already own. 
    7. Offer summer snacks
      The heat can make prospective buyers thirsty and fatigued.  Fill the sink with ice cubes and chill bottled beverages for visitors, and offer a few light snacks – this will be welcomed.
    8. Use a natural air freshener in summery scents
      Fill the air in your home with natural fragrances such as those from fresh-cut roses. Pick a summery scent to create a summery mood.
    9. Make sure the children are elsewhere
      Selling your home can be hard on your kids. Ensure that they are away at camp or on a play-date during showings to keep them at ease.
    10. Control Air Temperature
      A cool indoors will keep visitors viewing your home for longer. Keep the air circulated and fresh.

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