4 Real Estate Tips for Those Looking for Properties in Rural areas

After the last year and a half, many Ottawans are seriously considering moving out of the city. Between the pandemic, the long-time sellers’ market, working from home, and the desire to downsize, more rural areas have become very appealing to many people. Popular locations include Manotick, Richmond, North Gower, Greely, Metcalfe,  Stittsville, and others. Of the 30,399 Ottawa home sales between January 2020 and May 2021, a whopping 48% took place outside of the city.

Many people love living in rural Ottawa because it reminds them of cottage life. But permanently residing in rural and remote areas can be dramatically different from a cottage retreat. Here are some tips that you should consider if you are thinking about moving outside of the city.

Know the new location

In rural and remote areas, everyday errands are not as close to each other in the city. In the city, you may be used to driving very short distances to get to amenities – in downtown Ottawa; you might even be used to walking. This won’t be the case in more remote locations. You should be aware of how close you are to the nearest hospital, medical centre(s), vet(s), grocery stores and so forth – and you should know precisely how to get to them.

Know the furry neighbours

Remote areas are habitats to all kinds of wildlife, such as deer, coyotes, bears, cougars – amongst other things – that you would seldom see in the city. You should know what types of animals reside in your region, what season(s) they are active in, and how to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Know the water around you

Many waterfront properties do not necessarily allow you to have access to that water. Different water bodies have various regulations and accessibilities. Furthermore, just because your property has access to a water body, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that water is safe to drink or swim. You may need to invest in a water purification system.

Know the homes seasonal maintenance needs 

In rural areas, it can be challenging to have access to amenities during certain seasons and weather conditions. Maintenance is typically not done as quickly or frequently as in the cities. Not only must your property be weather-proof, but your car/maintenance equipment should be as well. The inside of your home should also protect you adequately from the elements – for example; the property may require a wood-burning stove for extra warmth.

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