Can paint colours increase the value of your home?

In a seller’s market, is it still beneficial to make improvements to your home before listing?

Since the market has been so hot, many sellers haven’t had to make major improvements to their homes before listing. Properties are getting sold at record prices with little to no upgrades done to them, but that doesn’t mean that minor changes won’t help your home stand out.

According to Zillow, sellers can get up to $5000 more for their homes just by using the correct paint colours in each room.

Here are the paint colours and areas to paint that homebuyers are paying more attention to in 2021:

The Bathroom

According to Zillow’s survey, your bathroom could use a good coat of light blue. Potential buyers are usually scared of vibrant hues, but a soft blue could bring more eyes to your property.

Zillow reports that this colour, in this room could increase an offer price about approximately 1.6%

The Kitchen

Regardless of what your Pinterest is telling you, white kitchens are still the most sellable. Again, potential buyers aren’t usually interested in vibrant colours, but if you’re not into white, other top colours include dark greys and greens.

Colours to avoid? Bright green, pinks, yellows and reds. In fact, red could potentially decrease an offer price by $1500.

The Living Room

Go grey all the way. While grey scored higher than white, dark grey and light yellow, they were still top contenders. 

Again, the culprits that lowered offer prices were pink, bright green and bright yellow.

The Bedroom

According to the Zillow survey, buyers feel a little more adventurous with their paint preference in the bedroom. Scoring higher than the typical neutral picks was dark blue. 

Be careful with this one though, using dark colours and spaces can be risky. You must consider lighting and size with a colour like dark blue as it can make a room feel darker and smaller than it is.

Ultimately, if you’re selling a home in this market, you shouldn’t run into many issues with buyer offers. Although, increasing your profit by a few hundred dollars couldn’t hurt, especially if it just takes throwing up some new paint on the walls.

Remember, when painting to sell, it’s not about your preferences. You may have loved your pink living room, but your buyers likely won’t. When you work with the Adam Mills Realty Team, you get access to their expert advice throughout the selling process, which can help you view your home from the buyer’s perspective.

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