Stittsville & Richmond

Ottawa West

About the Neighborhood

Stittsville is a suburban community in the western part of Ottawa located immediately to the south-west of Kanata, and about 31 km from downtown Ottawa. Stittsville has experienced rapid growth; it transformed from a quiet farming community of under 500 people to a suburb of 20,000 in just over 25 years. Many residents are employed in Ottawa’s high-tech industry or the federal government. Further growth is expected in the near future with the development of neighbourhoods such as Jackson Trails, Fernbank and West Ridge (to name a few).

Richmond is a village and former municipality within the city limits of Ottawa founded in 1818.  It spans the Jock River, a tributary of the Rideau River. Like many communities in eastern Ontario, Richmond houses several unique populations. Some residents have historic and economic roots in the immediate area. Richmond operates as a small core to its residents. To others, the village serves as a bedroom community for the larger urban area of Ottawa.

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