Spring has sprung! With warmer weather, it’s time to think about outdoor property maintenance. Aside from getting your garden ready, there are other things you can do to make sure your property stays properly maintained through spring into summer.

Here are our top May maintenance tips!

1. Clear out your gutters!

This is especially important if you skipped this step in the fall season. Over the fall & winter, debris can build up and cause unwanted issues like mould growth.

When gutters have trapped debris, it can lead to water damage and leaks within your home’s walls, which can cause severe mould damage if left undetected & untreated.

Gutters are also perfect homes for unwanted pests. In the Spring, you can find birds, insects & mice all nesting in your gutters. Clearing twigs & leaves from your gutter can help prevent these pests from moving in.

2. Inspect your driveway & sidewalks!

Throughout the winter, the harsh cold can take a toll on hard surfaces like brick, stone & concrete. Inspect your driveway & sidewalk for any issues, including cracks, shifting, rising or sinking areas.

Throughout the spring season, you’ll also notice weeds popping up. Cracks in walkways & driveways are areas where weeds thrive. Take care of these before they get out of hand.

3. Wash your windows & outdoor surfaces!

Your home survived the winter & deserves a fresh cleaning!

You’d be surprised by the difference power washing your windows, garage & siding makes.

We recommend adding this to your spring cleaning list to get the most out of the spring & summer sunshine.

Power washing is a great way to rejuvenate the exterior of your home, but for the interior side of windows, we recommend taking out screens and clearing any debris that may have accumulated over the winter, using a glass cleaner to wipe down the inside of the window & a gentle all-surface cleanser for the window sill & surrounding areas.

Also, inspect all windows for any signs of leaking or water damage.

4. Get to gardening!

Get to work on that garden of yours!

Wait until the temperature is consistently above freezing throughout the night to do any planting or preparation for planting. Typically, Southern Ontario sees the last frost by late April to early May, so keep your eye on the weather before planting those flowerbeds.

Some things you should be doing for your garden in

Early May:

      • Re-mulch or add a top bed to your garden.
      • Plant trees & shrubs. These plants enjoy a cool foundation of soil.

Mid May:

      • Choose your Spring Annuals.
      • Deck out your patio with potted or hanging plants.

Late May:

      • Start filling your flower beds.
      • Plant your summer bulbs.
      • Start planting your heat-loving veggie plants.

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