The Best Way to Protect Your Real Estate Investment Through the Home Advisory Club

Your home isn’t just a place where memories are made, it’s a financial investment designed to give you a better future. Like any other investment, you need to protect it and make sure you are on track for the right financial return. That’s why we launched our exclusive Home Advisory Club for Ottawa residents.

We created the Home Advisory Club for homeowners who know the value of maintaining their investment. No cost. No pressure to sell. Just valuable information for you and your family. Our hope is that through membership you realize that there is no one better to work with when it does come time to sell your home than the Adam Mills Realty Team.

If you’re interested in selling your home now, get to know our team here & reach out to us through our contact page.

So, what is the Home Advisory Club?

The Home Advisory Club is a free, all-access exclusive membership for Ottawa homeowners looking for a professional property evaluation, including renovation and design advice to increase their home’s value, and other tips from trusted local real estate professionals, all without the pressure to sell now.

With membership you get:

  • Access to recent real estate sales in your area comparable to your home.
  • Recommendations on what you can do to increase your home’s value over time, including routine maintenance tips, renovation and/or design advice.
  • Access to our directory of carefully vetted & trusted local service providers.
  • A full property evaluation including a report outlining its current value offered every two years and completed within your first year of membership.
  • An in-person walk through assessment of your home by a licensed member of The Adam Mills Realty Team
  • An accurate estimated value of your home in its current condition if sold in the current market.

This is a pressure-free way to evaluate your home. The Home Advisory Club was designed to fit the needs of homeowners who are not looking to sell at the current moment. Our team won’t pressure you into anything.

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Why Join the Home Advisory Club?

Designed with your aspirations in mind, our Home Advisory Club is the ultimate destination for individuals who envision their home as an enduring asset rather than a liability. If you’re keen on staying ahead in the real estate game this is the club for you. Keeping you well informed on the market trends in the Greater-Ottawa Area is how we will empower you to make strategic decisions when it comes to your home. Let us be your partners in turning your home into a beautiful space while simultaneously building a solid foundation for your financial future. Your dreams deserve the best support – and that’s exactly what we offer with the Home Advisory Club.

Our team takes pride in being a part of the Manotick, and of course Ottawa, community and helping those in need of real estate advice and assistance. Sharing the joys of living in Ottawa and being a part of our community is what motivates us.

Of course, we hope to have built a strong and lasting relationship with you so that when the time comes to sell your home, we’re the only professionals you’d like to work with. We’re confident that will be the case, but there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to work with us to sell your home.

By protecting your investment and helping you get the most out of your home, we hope to become a trusted source for your family’s real estate needs. Never be too shy to reach out to us! We’re always ready to listen and offer our perspective and advice.