If you’re looking at potentially making some changes to your kitchen in the new year, here are some of the top trends of 2022 that will continue into 2023!

  1. Open & Closed Shelving

Traditional cabinetry mainly focuses on shelving with doors that remain closed. Over recent years, open-concept shelving has become more popular because it makes smaller spaces feel larger and airier. 

The only problem with open shelving is that there is a lack of privacy, and when in functional family homes, they can easily become cluttered.

The solution is a trend of both open and closed shelving. 

We now see kitchens that artfully mix the two types of cabinetry to create a seamless look that balances form and function. Typically, you’ll see closed-door lower cabinets and centre islands with open-concept upper cabinets. It’s also common to see upper cabinets with some open-concept shelving and some closed. 

  1. Updated Hardware

One of the easiest but most effective ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets is to switch out their nobs. 

Round knobs are coming back into play, and modern, bar-style knobs are becoming less popular. Look for metallic knobs in any finish or, for a more unique look, hand-painted or vintage knobs.

  1. Glossy-finish Backsplashes.

An updated backsplash is always a great option when you want to refresh your kitchen design. 

Glossy tiles are a trend that will continue to stick around because they look timeless and they are incredibly easy to clean. 

We recommend straying away from strong patterns if you want to add resale value to your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with white subway tiles. Bright, neutral colours are recommended but can be purchased in many different tile styles and laid in different patterns to add texture to the space.

Keep in mind that if you’re going with a more complex layout for your tile, you might want to get a professional to do the work. Herringbone, stacked, and basket-weave patterns are difficult even for professionals and shouldn’t be your next DIY project.