Why Refer The Adam Mills Team – Nick Antaya

Case Study:  How To Grow a Business By Referral?

People often ask how our business has come to be so strongly referral based.  To give the most authentic answer possible, we have gone to some of the professionals from whom we receive referrals to ask “Why refer to The Adam Mills Team?”.  And of course, so you understand a bit about their perspective, we also wanted to invite you to learn a bit about their business in the process.  With that in mind, here are some thoughts from Nick Antaya, a past client who continues to send us amazing clients as referrals.  In addition to being a past client, Nick is a great physiotherapist who keeps setting me straight (literally), so I can continue working hard for the clients I so deeply value.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Nick:

1.       Tell us about your business…  What sets you apart in your industry?

Barrhaven Physiotherapy (part of OPTSC) is a locally owned physiotherapy clinic that offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, as well as dietician services. Our goal is to provide the best research based care in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, focusing on the patient’s wellbeing. What sets us apart is our extensive list of available treatment options, made possible by our extensively trained therapists. We have some of the highest qualified physiotherapists in Ottawa. We strive to provide personal care, this means the only person working during a physio session is a highly trained physiotherapist, and not an assistant.

2.       Who are the clients/patients you serve? 

We serve a multitude of patients ranging from toddlers to seniors. Though the number one reason for attending is often related to pain management or injury rehabilitation to any body part, we also see people suffering from dizziness/vertigo, athletes of all levels looking to improve of their performance, as well as people looking to improve their overall wellbeing.

3.       What is the common thread between your client relationships and the client relationship you see with the Adam Mills Team and their clients? 

No matter the reason for their visit, the one thing all clients have in common walking in through our doors is that they want results. If you can provide them with positive results in a timely matter, you will earn their trust. Once you have earned that trust, and they see you can produce results, you will start seeing repeat customer and family referrals, which is the biggest compliment one can get in our profession. This leads to building great long term relationships between clients and professionals.

4.       Why do you refer clients/patients to the Adam Mills Team? 

My family and I have experienced firsthand the Adam Mills Team in 2015, when they sold our house in a week for a great price. As customers, the team provided us with exactly what we looking for, results. That being said, it was also everything else about the team that made the experience more enjoyable. The team was professional, but was relaxed about the process. This helped put us at ease during the stressful process that is selling a home.

5.       What is the feedback you have received from clients/patients you have referred? 

The feedback has been nothing but great, which is why I continue to refer to the Adam Mills Team. I can honestly say that every single client I have referred has had nothing but praise for Adam and his associates. Their overall feedback is very much in line with my personal experience with the team. The team is professional, efficient, knows the market, provides results, and to compliment it all, have great personalities to complete the package.

6.       Will you continue to refer to the Adam Mills Team and why? 

Absolutely! Adam and his team strive to be the best in their business by focusing on their customers. This is made very evident within a few minutes of your first meeting.  As a fellow business owner who follows the same principles, I do not have any hesitation to refer to any other business/people who adheres to a similar philosophy.

7.       How do you think referring clients/patients to the Adam Mills Team impacts your business or your client/patient relationships?

As previously mentioned, proven results leads to trust, which is one of the most important factors in a successful patient to therapist relationship. I know that a referral to Adam and his team will provide results, which will help further build the trust and confidence my clients have in me to provide them with good advice.


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