We may be biased, but we genuinely believe that Ottawa is the best place to live in Canada, and not just because housing is more affordable here than in other major Canadian cities.

There are so many great things about Ottawa and its surrounding areas, but we’ve narrowed our list down to the top 3 reasons you should move to Ottawa now.

1. Ottawa was ranked Canada’s best place to live.

More and more people are seeing why Ottawa is home! In a recent study, Ottawa was ranked as Canada’s best place to live based on incomes, car ownership, unemployment rates, housing, weather & lifestyle.

Ottawa is also 1 in 6 cities in the country that attract newcomers based on four key criteria: Society, education, innovation & economy.

Ottawa is rich in culture & community and has emerged as a cosmopolitan centre over the last decade.

We find this city to have the charm of a small community & the excitement that comes with a large city. The best of both worlds!

2. The Ottawa housing market is still more affordable than other major Canadian cities.

Even though we’ve seen a drastic increase in home values & sales prices over the pandemic, Ottawa is still a more affordable alternative to cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

In Q4 of 2021, the average price of a single-detached home in Ottawa was $681,000 & a condo was $370,000. Compared to Toronto, which saw prices hit $1.74M & $749,000 respectively.

Even rental prices in Ottawa remain more affordable than in other large cities. The current average monthly rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Ottawa is $1500, compared to over $2000 in Toronto.

3. Ottawa is filled with attractions for everyone.

Ottawa may be smaller & slightly slower-paced than cities like Toronto and Montreal. Still, it’s got the perfect mix of social and cultural attractions that creates an environment welcoming to everyone.

Whether you’re single & looking for exciting nightlife events or a family of 5 looking for your next weekend activity, Ottawa has something for everyone.

The city has a fantastic mix of indoor & outdoor attractions that make it perfect for people who want more than just a concrete jungle. Being in close proximity to many lakes, a summer staycation is always in the cards for Ottawa residents.

We could say so much more about Ottawa, but having such a vibrant community at your doorstep is truly the best part of living in this city.

If you’re looking to make the move, contact us! We’d love to help you choose the perfect neighbourhood for you!