5 Helpful Tips To Assist Families for a Seamless Relocation

Relocation can be stressful for any professional– so when mixing in kids and a family, the process can be one of the hardest things many will go through. The Adam Mills Team have become experts in relocations and helping families find the right home and new life for their new job posting. Below are the 5 tips we’ve perfected for families experiencing relocations; here are some tips to ease and smoothen the experience:

1. Organize and Hold Important Documents Before The Packing Begins

Put simply, moves are stressful; With so much going on, it is imperative to do an audit of where your important documents and belongings are. Before you start prepping the house for a move, ensure that these items are accounted for and put in a spot that will not be forgotten/misplaced. We like to suggest that clients specify a “no-move zone,” a designated area that movers are not allowed to touch/move. This pile of goods will ideally go with you in your car so that you can ensure that you are the one in charge of them getting from point A to point B. 

2. Focus on Buying a New Home Once Your Current Home is Ready to Be Sold

You should never schedule a house hunt or purchase a new home until your old home is sold unless you can afford it. If you proceed without a buyer of your old home, the client should confirm with the mortgage loan officer that they qualify to be approved for a loan while owning both homes. Some employees are offered a “guaranteed buyout” that is included in the relocation benefits. We always encourage the client to consult us on every step in the relocation when accepting or making an offer– as the right advice can drastically reduce the client’s chances of jeopardizing any benefits or incurring any unnecessary costs or delays. 

3. Are There Any Relocation Costs That a Homeowner Can Deduct From Their Taxes?

Yes. The client can claim the transportation of his/her household goods and the final travel costs, but it is essential to consult a certified tax agent familiar with the CRA rules and restrictions. 

4. What Can You Do To Help Your Family, Particularly Children, During The Moving Process?

Put simply, we are family people and always suggest prioritizing children during a relocation– as the stress of a move and new school is often tough on kids. The best way to make this transition easy is to ensure that your kids feel open and comfortable with their new home, and if they are feeling down, they have a support system to talk through the stress of change. 

We strongly encourage our clients to make the children part of the relocation process by offering them activities. Some ideas include allowing the kids to map out their room, choose a new theme/decor for their new bedroom, create an activity list for the new area, and send out hand-written postcards to their old friends with their new address so they can stay in touch the old-school way. Allowing children to take part in the move creates excitement, joy and relief once they fall in love with THEIR new home.

5. What Should People Look For When Scouting a New Location To Live?

There are four critical factors to consider when choosing a location to live in. Relocations to new areas provide lots of suburbs or smaller pockets to decide to live in. Ottawa, for example, has some great smaller communities close to the core to consider if you have to move to Ottawa for a relocation. The four most important considerations include the following:

1. School Systems

How great is the school system? Is the school newer? Does it have a bus route, or is it easy for the kids to get to in the morning/after school? There are tons of rating sites online. We also are a family-friendly team that are happy to give our anecdotal advice! 

2. Mass Transit and Roads

What are the road conditions like? Do they get plowed first or early in the morning so that winter weather won’t affect your ability to get to work? How accessible is public transportation? Is this important to you? If not, then is there access to taxis or alternative transportation methods in case they are needed? 

3. Recreational Opportunities

What activities are close by? Are there parks and sports for your kids to enjoy without having to travel far? Are these activities safe and in a good neighbourhood? 

4. House Pricing

Is the pricing in this area fitting your budget and your needs? 

This concludes the 5 Helpful Tips To Assist Families for a Seamless Relocation. Adam Mills and his team have been in business for over ten years and have a proven track record for success. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are happy to help you navigate the ever-changing Ottawa real estate market. Please contact us at 613-825-7653 or email us at