Real Estate and Divorce: What Should I Do About the Mortgage

It is easy to get your name off the deed/title, but not off the mortgage. If you leave your name on the mortgage with a spouse, it will make it harder for you when applying for a loan to buy your new home.

Both of you can ruin your credit score fast if one of you takes the title, but both of you are still on the mortgage.  And if the spouse who’s keeping the house isn’t able to make the mortgage payments, your credit score will also be negatively affected.

  • If you’re keeping the house, you should refinance into a new mortgage loan, meaning you should be qualified to apply for the loan application separately and pay the refinancing fees along with the risk of paying higher interest rates.
  • Now, if both of you would agree, the spouse moving out can agree to keep his/her name on the mortgage for a time so that you can keep the home in order to apply for a new loan.

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